Planned features:

  1. Implement Scheme - We have two simple Haskell version. We need it for next steps. Use MegaParsec
  2. Implement Asm for Combinators:
    1. Implement Lazier - Schema DSL.
    2. Implement Scheme Like Lazier (SLC) - For all functional language
    3. Implement MLC - For all functional languagee
  3. Implement other Eso-Schemes:
    1. Compile Unlambda-Scheme to Unlambda. It is a litle dynamic. Scheme has 4 types
    2. Compile Funge-Scheme to Funge. It is hard because code is in CL. It is a litle dynamic. Scheme has 2 types
    3. Compile Malbolge-Scheme to Malbolge. It is hard because code is in APL
  4. Compile Scheme to:
    1. WASM
    2. SICP-Asm
    3. ELVM
  5. Compile ELVM to WASM and SICP-Asm
  6. Compile WASM and SICP-Asm to MCL
  7. Implement imperative assemblers
    1. Piet
    2. Malbolge-Asm. These are many Malbolge-Asm, but all in C
  8. Implement languages
    1. Implement Malbolge - We have Haskell version. We have to do it because it is simple
    2. Piet. It is hard because IO
    3. Funge
    4. False
  9. Compile C - It is the last goal

You can propose feature by GitHub. But if there is a reference code ih Haskell, the feature goes up

For more see ROADMAP.

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